About me

I’m a father of two grown up children and husband to a very understanding wife.
I’ve worked most of my working life so far in heavy industry (I’m a plater welder by trade), but a few years ago I was made redundant. I ended up working for a large coffee shop chain.
This challenged me in ways I didn’t think possible, making me look at life in a whole new light.
While I was working for them it helped me develop new skills in areas I didn’t think mattered (I was training to be a brand ambassador). This also sparked a passion and dream within myself to do more with my life.
So now I’m using that passion and drive to try and accomplish some of my goals and dreams, to challenge what I thought could be achived and push myself.
Maybe this time next year I’ll own that whisky shop or work for that distillery, and even if I don’t I’ll keep on pushing to achieve those goals.
So with this in mind I’ve started this blog to chart my journey and adventures (big and small) through the world of spirits (mainly whisk(e)y). With a bit of luck maybe one of you out there might find this a little bit entertaining with the occasional interesting bit of information.
So here’s to the adventure and the people I’ll meet along the way..

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