Millstone 100 Rye whisky 50% abv.

I’ve tried a few different whiskies from the Zuidam distillery and have liked everything I’ve tried. So when I decided to purchase some more samples to try, with the Intention of buying the bottles of the ones I liked. It was an obvious choice for me to include the Rye in this selection, having discovered rye whiskies not to long ago but immediately falling in love with the bold flavours they have.

The Millstone 100 Rye is a very unique whisky, made from 100% rye unlike most American rye whiskies that are normally made from a mash of 51% rye and the rest being a mix of corn/wheat. The Zuidam Millstone is 49% malted rye and 51% unmalted, matured for 100 months (8.5 years) in new American oak and bottled at 100 Proof 50% abv. So you can now see where the Millstone 100 Rye name comes from but how does it taste..

Nose: Beautiful herbal note, cinnamon, cardamom, sweet orange, rich honey, soft liquorice root note, a lovely complex & multi layered nose with so much going on..

Palate: An explosion of rye spice encompasses the whole palate, cardamom, ginger, soft citrus notes with the sweet orange being most prominent, almost has a undertone of Cognac in background..

Finish: Pleasantly long with an intense oak & rye spice that last to the very last moment..

This hasn’t disappointed me in any way, it most definitely will give any US rye whiskey a run for its money. The flavours are big and bold but at the same time quite complex, it doesn’t try to overwhelm you and for 50% abv is very smooth. I also think that for the quality and craft spirit that you get from Zuidam, this is great value for money. Yes you can find plenty of rye whiskies that are cheaper in the market but I think the uniqueness and quality of this expression more than justifies the price.

This for me is another big tick of satisfaction, something I’m beginning to expect from the Zuidam distillery. I just hope that the next couple of expression I’ve got to sample can match the quality and experience I’ve had so far from them.

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