Kilkerran 8yo cask strength 56.2% abv. 

The Glengyle distillery is one of those stories you expect Hollywood to come up with. After inheriting a distillery from their father, two brothers had a disagreement over sheep, and one left to found Glengyle. Sold on and then closed down, only to be bought back and reopened by the great great nephew of the founder William Mitchell. Becoming the first new distillery to (re)open in Campbeltown in over 125 years.

The single malt from the distillery is released under the Kilkerran name, this is because the Glengyle name is registered for a blended malt already in the market. From the start the plan was to release a twelve year old single malt as their core expression, this was achieved in 2016 after a series of expressions called Work in Progress. Now the expression I’m reviewing here is the first release after the twelve year old launch, it is an eight year old limited edition of 9000 bottles worldwide. Bottled at cask strength with no colouring and non chill filtered, released in April of 2017 it is fully matured in bourbon casks.

Picture courtesy of Glengyle

So how is this new cask strength release.
Nose: The first thing I noticed is the sweetness, honey and fudge notes, poached pears, a soft smoke note is present, cinnamon spice appears with time along with a soft briney note underneath..

Palate: Sweet vanilla toffee, oak, white pepper, with a bit of time gooseberry and lime fruit notes come through, has a nice oily mouth coating to it, the peat fades to leave a gentle smokiness

Finish: Fairly long with a lot of oomph to it..

I will say that this is a great malt, even to the point that once I’d sampled it I went out and bought a bottle. I’ve tried the 12yo kilkerran and really enjoyed that, it has a great nose and palate but for me the 8yo is better. It has more character about it, well maybe thats not right the 8yo has got more bang with the cask strength. I’d personally say it was the big brother of the two, even though it is the younger of them. It just has that bit extra that lifts it above the 12yo in my opinion, it is one of the better Peated malts I’ve tried this year.

I would highly recommend it if you can get hold of a bottle, if not the 12yo is a great dram to have as well. Which ever bottle you get you won’t be disappointed.



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