Lakes Distillery Year Two Founders bottle.

So it’s a year on and I’ve received my year two Founders bottle from the Lakes Distillery. A lot has changed in this past year for the Lakes Distillery, they have expanded thier market and are now global. Selling the Lakes Gin, Vodka and The One whisky blend in travel retail stores as far away as Australia and New Zealand. They have a new chief whiskymaker in Dhavall Ghandi who joined the team in December 2016 coming form Macallan whiskies, he will be helping craft the spirits that come out of the distillery. Probably one of the biggest events of the year, not just for the Distillery but for the district itself. Is the news that the Lakes District was granted the World heritage status. Making the Lakes the only British distillery set inside a world heritage site.

Now how has this eventful year treated the maturing spirit? Well let’s have a look, the packaging is the same high quality that the first bottle was in. With all those nice little details still being present, I really like that on the box the 2nd quatrefoil is now silver with the number two in the center. This is going to add to the look of the collection as we go through the years. As one little point it would be nice if the miniatures in the collection came with the year on them as well, this isn’t a problem but if you were to get a few out at the same time, you could possible mix them up if weren’t being careful.

So what about the spirit itself, how does this compare to the first year..

Nose: Nice and crisp, citrus notes. Soft orange, subtle hint of lime, honey, the softest hint of oak, very pleasant to the nose..

Palate: A gentle hint of honey, some liquorice root notes, the oak is a little more prominent on the palate compared to the nose, a nice bit of spice with an undertone of lime..

Finish: Not too long, the spice is a little harsh to start but finishes with a lovely hint of oak.

The promise I saw in the year one bottle is still there in my opinion, the new make has all but vanished in this year two bottle. The bourbon casks are starting to have a proper impact in the spirit now, some of those harsher/ unripe flavours that were present in the year one bottle have been mellowed. Allowing more richer flavours to start making there presence felt, with the spirits interaction with the cask definitely developing nicely.

So after comparing the two bottles side by side, I’m very pleased with the way the spirit is maturing. Showing that promise of something great to come that made me want to become a Founders member in the first place.

With that I now will wait for my year three bottle and what will be the first Founders Single malt bottle. Roll on 2018 and the year of the Lakes Distillery single malt.



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