Paul John Dark Chocolate & Cardamom mousse cake with home made honeycomb.

Now this post is a little different from my normal ones, like most household’s here in the UK, mine likes to watch cookery programs. One of the house favourites is Saturday kitchen, which now has guest presenters hosting the show. Well a couple of weeks ago it was the Hairy Bikers that were the host’s, one of the recipes they chose was from Tony Singh.

This was a rich chocolate mousse cake made with Tony’s favourite single malt. This got me wondering if I could make it and what malt would I use. Well there was only one way to find out if I could make it and that was to try, as for the malt well that would need some thought.


It then came to me if this as to be a rich dark chocolate cake with spices to make it a little exotic, then why not use a malt that is quality and a little exotic it’s self. Paul John Brilliance was the single malt I had in mind, something I thought already went well with chocolate.

With the malt chosen it was time to start baking, a quick search on the BBC website for the recipe and I was all set. Well after a quick trip to the supermarket to grab the few ingredients we didn’t have in the house.

The first step was to make a thin chocolate sponge base, with my ingredients at the ready I was off. Mixture made and poured into an 8″ round baking tin, baked for 10 minutes in the oven. A nice easy first step, when it was ready I placed it on the side to cool and poured a small measure of malt over the sponge and left it to soak in.

Next step was making the honeycomb with cardamom spice, now this sounds a lot harder than it is. With a very basic recipe it takes about 10 minutes to make, if I’m honest it did only take me 10 minutes when all the ingredients were ready. It just took me about another 10 minutes to sort out the cardamom seeds from the pods to begin with. Sugar and Golden Syrup melted and simmered, ground cardamom stirred in and bicarbonate mixed in and mixture poured into a lined tin to set. Result was home made honeycomb pieces and a me being proud about it.

Now came the hardest part of the process for me, making the chocolate mousse. Made from dark chocolate, lightly whipped double cream, caster sugar with cardamom and the single malt. My problem was after melting the chocolate and adding the spice and whisky, I had to gentle fold in the lightly whipped double cream. First attempt was a complete disaster, tasted great but definitely wasn’t a chocolate mousse. Quick trip back to the supermarket and ready for attempt number two, this time it worked and I spooned the mixture into the cake tin with the sponge to set.


After leaving overnight to set in the fridge I removed the cake from the tin, added the honeycomb pieces to the top as decoration. I was quite happy with the results and the family loved it. I will say the whisky got stronger over time, giving the cake a balance between the dark chocolate and the spicey sweetness of the whisky.

If you would like to try this whisky here is a link to recipe on the BBC website.

Tony Singh chocolate mousse cake


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