Talisker 30yo 45.8% abv.

Following on from my Talisker 10yo review, I thought I’d go to the opposite end of the range. The 30yo Talisker is the oldest expression in the range at the moment, first being introduced in 2006 with it’s inaugural release and annually since then. It is a limited expression with around 3000 bottles being released globally, although the 2017 version has over 9000 bottles in it’s global release.

Now this is one the bottle that has been on my wish list for a while and I’m definitely looking forward to trying it. Bottled at the Taliskers usual 45.8% abv from a mix of Bourbon and Sherry casks I believe, it stands out from the rest of the Talisker range with it’s packaging. Instead of the usual blue box the 30 year old now comes in a rather special bronze box. So how does this compare to it’s younger siblings.

Picture courtesy of Talisker.

Nose: Very soft smoke, pears, peaches, sweet vanilla, soft brine, hint of the coast & sea, with time a subtle orange & gooseberry note appears, very mellow & complex..

Palate: Soft pepper, oak, subtle ash, rich fruit, gooseberry, apples (maybe just a little under ripe), some honey notes, with time a nutty dark chocolate appears, nice oily mouth coating making this a more complete and rounded malt.

Finish: Quite long with a nice pepper note (softer than the younger expressions)

Wow! That is one stunning dram, it is most definitely Talisker but in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The nose is so much more complex than the other expressions, with more levels and depth that just make you want to nose it all night. When it hits the palate you tense for that usual big pepper hit, it is there but in a much more mellow way. It is much more Talisker on the palate than the nose but in a more grown up way. Not one part of the experience tries to dominate the rest, they just complement each other making this the best Talisker I’ve ever had.


This is another one crossed off my wish list of malts to try but it has definitely gone on to my list of must haves. It’s a beautifully crafted malt, that sets an exceptional high standard for the rest of the range to follow. One that I will be wanting to have in my collection as soon as I possibly can. I must say a big thank you to Diageo and especially to the great gentleman Colin Dunn for the sample. His enthusiasm for life and Talisker is so infectious, you can’t help but walk away from a conversation with him without feeling good about life.



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