An evening with Glen Scotia & Loch Lomond.

Last Wednesday evening I was one of a lucky group of tasters that had been invited to take part in a tweet tasting. We were to be sampling whiskies from the Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries, both are owned and run by the Loch Lomond group who bought the distilleries along with the Glen Catrine bonded warehouse and associated brands in 2014 from the Loch Lomond distillery company.

We were to sample five different malts on the night from four different brands owned by the group, two of which were from the group’s recent step into the travel retail world. With the company launching its travel retail exclusives in February of this year along side a few of it’s more established expressions.


The first three expressions samples of the night are from the Loch Lomond distillery, with the first of these being the

Inchmurrin 12yo 46% abv.

Nose: peach, watermelon, Seville oranges, vanilla fudge, honey dew floral note, a lovely light fruity sweet nose..

Palate: gentle spicey ginger fades to honey, then fruit peach, mango, wih a tropical fruit undertone, some soft oak comes in towards the end.

Finish: not to long with a fruity sweet spice, very light with the mango making an appearance.

Second was the first of the travel retail exclusives

Loch Lomond 12yo 46% abv

Nose: sweet vanilla toffee, hint of apple, peaches, undertone of soft mango, malted barley, digestive biscuit, subtle aniseed rock note.

Palate: stem ginger, tropical mango, pear, apple, some citrus notes, lemon and lime, toffee fades to a burnt sugar note, gentle oak is present throughout.

Finish: Medium in length with a warm ginger spice.

The final from the Loch Lomond distillery and third sample of the night was


Inchmoan 12yo 46% abv.

Nose: seaweed, tar, brine, hint of smoke, mocha, cinder toffee, pear, subtle undertone of red stoned fruit.

Palate: Smokey, coal dust, burnt oak, coffee grind, lime, ginger, sweet vanilla toffee, becomes more sweeter with time.

Finish: warm with a soft spice, long campfire hint stays to the end.

The first sample from the Glen Scotia distillery was the second travel retail exclusive of the night

Glen Scotia 16yo 46% abv

Nose: vanilla, baked apples, toffee, malted barley, coffee grind, soft hit of liquorice..

Palate: stewed apples, red currents, raisins, warm spice, barley sugar, toffee, malted biscuits..

Finish: Nice and clean with a balance between the spice, fruit and sweetness..

The last sample of the night was also from Glen Scotia and was the latest expression to be released by them

Glen Scotia 25yo 48.8% abv

Nose: sweet vanilla, lots of fruit, peach, pear, gooseberry, apple, nice oak, soft fudge note, lighter than I expected on the nose..

Palate: spicey with stoned fruits, plum etc, some cranberry, lime, oak, coffee grind, soft undertone of liquorice root appears after some time to breath, more full bodied than the nose is..

Finish: Medium with a nice oak and gentle spice to it..

This isn’t the first time I’ve been lucky to review and taste some expressions from the Loch Lomond group, as always it was a real pleasure to be involved. Even more so when I found out I’d be sampling expressions from the travel retail range and a brand new release, to then find out that its a 25yo single malt from Glen Scotia. Honoured doesn’t quite do justice to the way I felt about being involved.

On the night there was no doubt in my mind that the 25yo was the star of the night, so much depth and character a truly excellent malt. The night of the tasting was quite warm and humid, so after the 25yo my favourite of the night was the Inchmurrin 12yo. It had a lightness to it that made it in my mind a perfect dram for humid night.


I’m definitely a fan of the whiskies being produced from both distilleries, as I look at my collection of bottles I can see at least three bottles from these distilleries on the shelf. They have an expression to suit most tastes I believe and with the attention to detail they have, I can only see them delivering even better quality expressions in the future.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Loch Lomond group and Steve from The Whisky Wire, for hosting a great night. I feel very privileged to be involved with them and the other great ladies and gentlemen tasters taking part on the night.



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