Tomatin 14yo Port Wood 46% abv

So it’s no big secret that Tomatin is my favourite distillery, I found it in my late teens and instantly loved it. Back then it was the 10yo I tried and it was just so different to everything else I’d tried.

Now late last year Tomatin announced that it would be giving itself a face lift, this was going to be new packaging that would pay homage to the surrounding area of the distillery. I’ve talked about this in a previous post, but when a distillery does something like this people start to worry. They start to think it’s a sneaky way of charging more for the same product at best, in some extreme cases changing the product slightly to make it inferior to the one it’s just replaced.

Picture courtesy of Tomatin

So the new Tomatin packaging looks great, a perfect balance of traditional and the contemporary. In my opinion would be worth a small price hike but Tomatin didn’t do that, so for me your getting a better looking package for the same price. The liquid inside well let’s see how that was.

Nose: Dried fruits, orange, some clove, rich creamy toffee, plain chocolate, fresh coffee grind, complex and balanced.

Palate: Starts with a sweet dry spice, then the Orange and candid peel comes through, burnt sugar, oak, rich toffee note comes through after time giving it a more mouth watering presence.

Finish: Medium in length with a spice that makes the mouth water, very moreish.


Now I never expected to be let down by this and I wasn’t, it’s as good as I remembered. I’ve just recently had a chat with fellow blogger Sorren from OCDwhisky, we talked about those perfect summer drams. I put this forward as one that would be perfect for those cooler summer nights, it’s got a smoothness and richness about it. Especially if you wanted something that has that little extra, without going overboard with a sherrybomb or peated monster. For me the Port finish adds the perfect amount depth and flavour, making this a beautiful multi layered dram.

So trying not to be a little biased because it’s Tomatin, I think they have done a great job in updating the look. Having only tried a few Port Wood finishes, I would say this is one of the best I’ve tried, being very well balanced in all areas and highly recommend it.



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