Spirit of Yorkshire. Cask #48 46% abv

So last week I decided to go out for the day, it was nice and sunny so where to go. Well the coast seemed the most logical choice, plus I’m not that far from Scarborough. That’s what I told the wife anyway, what I didn’t say was I wanted to call at Hunmanby on the way.

Picture curtsey of the Spirit of Yorkshire

Why Hunmanby you might ask, well that is were Yorkshires first whisky distillery has set up. The Spirit of Yorkshire distillery, a field to glass operation that has it’s roots firmly based in the surrounding area. Opening to the public last month (April 2017) with the brand new visitors center and cafe.

So after the tour which I’ll talk about in another post about the distillery itself, we got to sample some of the maturing spirit. The first one I’m going to talk about is from Cask #48, this is a first fill ex bourbon cask that had previously held Old Forester bourbon. It had been distilled on the 25th of July 2016, being drawn from the cask that morning and reduced to 46% abv.

Nose: There is a subtle new make note, then comes the sweet notes, Werther’s Original toffee, vanilla, soft citrus hints of orange, lemon, some malty notes are present through out.

Palate: Nice warm spice is the first thing you notice, then the sweet toffee note from the nose comes through with some hints of honey, apple, some hints of oak, malty with a light mouth feel..

Finish: warm spice with a sweetness, not to long.

Now this spirit is not quite a year old and what can I say, well I can tell you I was very impressed. It had a smoothness and lightness to it that I didn’t expect, the depth of flavours already is showing so much promise. Being only able to have a small sip of the sample at the distillery (I was going to be driving later), I was lucky enough to get a sample to review at home. Doing the review at home, I remembered saying I thought the spirit was as good if not better than the Lakes distillery spirit I’d tried. Being a Founders member of the Lakes distillery I have some of the 1yo spirit to compare it with, so I did and it is in my opinion a better spirit at this moment in time. It has a more richer flavour profile, one that I can see developing into a rich and full bodied single malt in the future.

This can only be good for the future of English whisky and most definitely for the first Yorkshire single malt.

I’d like to say thank you to the team at the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery for a great day, especially to Joe for the tour and samples. You guys are producing something to be proud of and I look forward to trying the finished product.



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