Around the world Wk17 pt 4

The next distillery destination is one of those hidden gems of Speyside, one that I’m sure most lovers of whisky have tried but not visited. I’m of course talking about the beautiful Spey distillery, located near the town of Kingussie at Glen Tromie.

They are a relative newcomer in the scheme of things, with the first spirit being produced in December 1990. Although the initial founding of the distillery company goes back to the early 1950’s, when George Christie bought the land and buildings that are the distillery today. It wasn’t until 1962 when George commissioned Alex Fairlie, an expert dry-stone waller, to be begin construction of the distillery. Converting the old barley mill with it’s water wheel into what some claim is the most beautiful distillery location in Scotland.

Picture courtesy of the Spey Distillery.

In it’s short life time the Speyside distillery has changed hands twice, with the last one being in 2012 when Harvey’s of Edinburgh bought them. This has in turn led to a rebrand and facelift from Speyside to Spey in 2014, with a new range including the 12yo, 18yo and NAS expression. To go along with this launch the company decide to have a figure head to help promote it, they chose exfootballer Michael Owen as the new face of Spey single malt.

Now they don’t do regular tours around the distillery, you have to phone and make an appointment for a tour. Making this a rather special experience in my book, along with the beautiful area it is set in. Please take my word having spent a lot of my childhood around this area visiting family, it’s is a place of outstanding beauty.

Picture courtesy of the Spey Distillery.

Then you get to the whisky, which if I’m being honest I was reintroduced to late last year. It is a lovely light Speyside malt with a great character. Now I got to try one of the more recent expressions which is the lightly peated Spey Fūmāre and the excellent Chairman’s Choice, both are great examples of Speyside malts. So with this in mind I’d love to visit and hopefully get the opportunity to try the highly recommend 18yo and Royal Choice. Plus I’d also like to pick up another bottle of the Beinn Dubh the replacement for the famous black whisky Cu Duhb.

Picture courtesy of the Historical Royal Palaces.

Next I’ve chosen a distillery that divides my friends and family into love and hate factions, there seems to be no middle ground for this one with them.


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