Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask 40% abv.

I’ve said before like a lot of fellow whisky lovers, Glen Moray produces some outstanding malts that don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Now this is a bottle I’ve had a while, being lucky enough to stumble across a local shop selling it off. Last two bottles on the shelf purchased and add to the collection, for future enjoyment with friends and family.

The 10yo Chardonnay is not a finish like a lot of malts around, it is matured for the full 10 years in a chardonnay cask. Something that is generally not that common, especially with white wine casks. This I feel gives this malt a quite unique place in a competitive market, for me making it stand out as something that I needed to try. Now I did get this on offer but at full retail I felt it would have been a bargain to purchase, with a retail price around the £25 mark. Let’s get on with the tasting and see how it is.

Nose: Light & delicate, fruit salad in syrup, subtle lemon, some vanilla toffee notes, hint of malted barley, wild meadow, undertone of nuttiness after sometime..

Palate: initial sweet fruit, peaches, pears, butterscotch, gentle oak, some caramelized sugar, a hint of bitter orange peel, peppery spice that becomes more prominent with time.

Finish: Medium in length with a little peppery heat..

Well that has just caused me a problem, it’s a great dram, I love how it has all the light delicate notes that I would expect from the Elgin Classic. With the Chardonnay influence giving it some bite and oomph, in a beautiful balanced way. So why the problem I hear you say, well if I’ve been told right this has been discontinued by Glen Moray, so when stocks have gone that’s it. To me this is a perfect dram that I could offer to any of my friends on a summers evening at a BBQ, whisky lover or not they would enjoy the dram in my opinion. Now I know that they are releasing a Chardonnay Cask finish along side the Classic and Sherry finished malts. So hopefully that will have all of the same bite to it that made this stand out for me against the Classic and Sherry finish. So I’ll have to get hold of a bottle to compare them, until then I can be happy knowing I’ve got a bottle or two of the 10yo waiting for me to enjoy.



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