Around the world wk17 pt3

To me and many whisky lovers this next distillery is one that is overlooked too often. While under the ownership of Glenmorangie Plc and Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessy they were always going to be in second place, when it came to the importance between the two distilleries. Even with LVMH investing in a new visitors center and various limited edition releases from the distillery.

So in 2008 they were sold to the La Martiniquaise group, owner of both the Glen Turner and Label 5 blends. They started to invest heavily in the distillery with expansion of production, from around 2.3 million litres to inexcess of 5 million now with plans for further expansion in the future still possible. This expansion was also complemented with the entire range of expressions having an overhaul, giving Glen Moray the opportunity to show the world how good it is.

Picture courtesy of Glen Moray.

The range now covers a wider variety of whisky expressions which in my opinion, from the excellent classic range with it’s Peated, Sherry, Port, Chardonnay and Classic finishes. To then move onto the Heritage range with it’s age statements starting with a 12yo, then the 15yo and 18yo. With the final cream of the crop expression being the 25yo Portwood Elgin Reserve, alongside this range of expressions the distillery does a bottle your own at the visitor centre. This has just recently been changed to a 6yo Peated malt finished in port for 8 months at 55.6% abv, from what I’m hearing it’s an amazing dram as well.

The tours around the distillery are very informative and cover the history of the distillery from brewery to present day distillery. With a very warm welcome from the staff, who couldn’t do enough to make the visit as pleasant as possible. For those wanting something a little more special from their visit, then you could try and get the Fifth Chapter tour. Which ever tour you take I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

Picture courtesy of Glen Moray.

Now with La Martiniquaise taking over distillery manager Graham Coull has become the master blender for the Label 5 brand, this is a brand that is one of the 10 best selling blends in the world and has just recently launched here in the UK.  Graham has complemented the Label 5 range with a new expression since he took over, this is a blend of aged single malts and grain whiskies called Gold Heritage. Again showcasing Grahams talent and experience in the whisky industry, which will hopefully be pushing this much loved but over looked distillery forward for many years to come.

Picture courtesy of Label5

That’s it for this one and my next one is a hidden gem in Speyside, before I head to some more well known distilleries on the islands around Scotland. 


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