Paul John Peated Select Cask 55.5% abv.

As those of you that follow me will know, I’ve been a big fan of the Paul John single malt for sometime now. Talking about how good they are and sampling the entire core range on numerous occasions, all in the name of research of course.

Now I know a lot of my fellow whisky lovers have also come to realise that they are producing some seriously good expressions. From the unpeated Brilliance to the peated Bold but the Select cask range is my go to expressions. With the Peated Select cask being my favourite out of the two. So imagine my surprise when I realised I hadn’t reviewed this, I was mortified that I had been singing it’s praises and not done my own review.

Picture courtesy of Paul John

So now seems the perfect time to make up for this oversight on my behalf, with Paul John winning a multitude of awards just recently. With the Peated Select winning both the best Indian single malt at the World Whisky Awards and the Chairman’s Trophy in the world whisky category at the American Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Along side Mr Paul John winning the whisky ambassador of the year at the World Whisky Awards as well.

The Peated Select is bottled at the higher abv of 55.5% all natural and presented in a classic dark green front opening box, with the signature Paul John bottle inside. Looking every inch the award winner it is, so how does it nose and taste.

Nose: A soft floral smoke, hint of oranges, just a touch of fresh squeezed lime juice, dark chocolate, sweet spice, cinnamon etc, subtle honey and vanilla toffee note, rich and complex..

Palate: Clove, lime, orange and kiwi, fire embers, soft earthy smoke, big ginger spice kick, dark chocolate, mocha, some burnt sugar, subtle heather honey, a full bodied mouth feel..

Finish: Long with a nice spiced ginger and floral peat smoke staying until the end..

So the Peated Select is made using the peat from the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland, to me giving this a more softer and richer peat feel. The nose has much more complexity to it than the Bold expression (the other full peated malt), without the peat dominating the dram. The palate is just the same with so many layers to it, fruit, spice and smoke all working in perfect harmony to take you on that exotic journey through Goa.

As I’m sure you can tell I love this expression, it has everything I want in a dram and yes I would highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you normally don’t like Peated whisky, I’d still ask you to try this because you maybe pleasantly surprised. I have had so many people tell me they don’t really like Peated whisky, to then say “they could drink that it was really nice” after trying it.

As a little something extra for this post I would like to add a recommendation for some food to go with this dram, now on the official Paul John website it does say it goes well with juicy Steaks and blue cheese. I asked the man who lives and breathes Paul John in the UK Shilton Almeida, for a more traditional Goan meal to pair with it. His suggestion was Goan beef stew a mix of traditional Goan spices and that juicy steak that Paul John recommend, which is a perfect fit for the Peated Select and a lovely meal if fancy cooking.

Picture courtesy of

I would like to say a big thank you to Shilton Almeida and Asa Abraham from Paul John, the recommendations and support with information requests has been a great help.



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