TBWC Slyrs 3yo single malt batch 1 52.5% abv.

So I’ve been reviewing a few of the whiskies from around the world that Boutique-y do. The third one I’m trying is from Slyrs in Germany, they’ve only been producing whisky since 1999 with a 3yo old as the mainstay of their core range. This is another distillery I used in my around the world in 80 distilleries series for the blog.

The inaugural batch of Slyrs single malt bottled by Boutique-y, with a release of just 691 bottles at a strength of 52.5% abv. The label has that Boutique-y quirkiness about it, showing a Germany beer festival in full swing and very eye-catching .

Picture courtesy of That Boutique-y Whisky Company

On to the sampling of this young German malt.

Nose: This takes some time to open but when it does it’s very enjoyable with rich toffee, chocolate, some peach and mango, a soft hint of Pampas grass..

Palate: Rich and complex with vanilla, toffee, some lime and red apple to balan6the sweetness, a hint of Pepper, after a little while some plain chocolate, towards the end a bitter pith note appears..

Finish: This is not to long with that toffee note playing softly with a peppery spice..

This isn’t the only time I’ve tried a Slyrs single malt, the first time I sampled one it was not a pleasant experience for me. I got a lot of sulphur in that expression and was not very impressed, putting it all down to it being a 3yo malt. So I wasn’t expecting the same thing to happen again, but that experience had me thinking that I probably wouldn’t like it being a young malt again. How wrong was I, yes the nose takes a long time to open and let you enjoy it’s bouquet but it is such a pleasant one. The palate was the great surprise, so rich and complex with a very enjoyable finish. It showed a level of complexity that was well beyond it’s 3yo age, with a richness on the palate that made me think of a lot older malt. Keeping up the high standard that Boutique-y are becoming synonymous with, finding those hidden jewels for us to try.

This a good dram and I would recommend you try it if you get the opportunity, with Boutique-y showcasing just how much whisky manufacturing has matured around the world. All of the drams I’ve tried so far have been worth having in your collection, but with one more to go which one will be the best of the samples I’ve tried?

Thank you again to Dave from Boutique-y for the sample, it’s been a pleasure to try these drams.



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