TBWC Millstone 6yo 48.9% abv 

This is the second of the samples I had the opportunity to try from Boutique-y, in a quest to try whisky from around the world.

Millstone is one that I did feature in my around the world in 80 distilleries series, produced in Netherlands by the Zuidam family. They have been producing spirits for over 50 years, with a portfolio that includes Fruit Liqueurs, Rum, Gin, Genever and Whisky. The first single malt whisky they brought to the market was a 5yo, launched in 2007 matured in first refill casks and new American oak barrels. One of the unique things about the Millstone range is the labels, all the labels are hand fitted with the details of each bottle being handwritten on them. With seven expressions in the range from the original 5yo to a 12yo Sherry cask and including a 100% Rye whisky.

Picture courtesy of That Boutique-y whisky company

This is batch one from Boutique-y for the Zuidam Millstone whisky, at 6yo and bottled at 48.9% abv it has all the hallmarks of the Millstone brand. The label is as funky as you’d expect from a Boutique-y bottling, showing the windmills used to mill the barley and just a hint of Willy Wonker magic.

Nose: Rich treacle toffee notes, maple syrup, poached pears, baked apples, a nice hint of spiced orange, then comes a floral note maybe a faint honeysuckle..

Palate: Just as rich and creamy on the plate as the nose, caramel toffee, pear, gooseberries, some clove and ginger spice, a hint of burnt sugar and oak very complex..

Finish: Medium in length with a soft warmth to it and a hint of fresh mint leaf..

Not that I didn’t expect this to be good, but it is beautiful. This is another whisky like the Paul John, that shows that a young age doesn’t mean a less quality. This 6 year old malt has got more character and quality than most entry level 10/12 year olds in my opinion. It has a nose that can keep you interested and appreciating it for long time, with a palate to match. It’s not that big that it will overwhelm someone just starting out, but has enough to keep the connisouir entertained.

The St George’s 2yo Rye sample I’ve just reviewed from Boutique-y was great, this Millstone beats it hands down for me and raises the standard of which the other two sample have to match. I think it could be difficult for them to match this. I’ve enjoyed this so much that I’ve ordered the tasting set from Millstone itself to compare to this. This is one of the things I love about Boutique-y, the way they introduce people to whisky they wouldn’t normally think of trying. Please keep up the good work your doing.

Picture courtesy of Zuidam Distillers

Thank you again to Dave from That Boutique-y wWisky Company for the sample. It’s been a pleasure to try and review.



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