TBWC St George’s spirits 2yo Rye batch 1, 55% abv 

I’ve been lucky to be able to chat to a lot of fellow bloggers and brand ambassadors just of late, one of these conversations was with Dave from That boutique-y whisky company. We were talking about whiskies from around the world, in particular from Europe and the US. After doing a series post about going around the globe in 80 distilleries, I was wanting to try more from the ones I did and didn’t mention.

This conversation led me to Boutique-y Whisky and some of there expressions from around the globe, now I’ve already tried the Paul John expression and it was amazing. So given this standard I’m really looking forward to what’s in store, I’ve got four samples to try with the first one being from the US.

St George Distillery in Alameda California makes an eclectic mix of spirits, from fruit brandies to Gin and Vodka. The single malt whisky has had lots of praise from customers and critics alike and now Boutique-y have bottled a 2 year old Rye from them, with just 400 bottles available and at 55% abv.

Picture courtesy of That Boutique-y whisky company

So does this match up to usually high standards we get from Boutique-y.

Nose: Cinnamon, toffee, rich dried fruit, apples, lemongrass, a hint of Germolene, after time some parma violets sweets and pink & white nougat..

Palate: Vanilla, spicy rye, sherbert dip, some lime, as the spice subsides cherries come through with a soft oak aftertaste..

Finish: Long and warm with a lovely sweet spice..

Well it definitely holds up to the high standards I expect from Boutique-y these days. This is a beautiful Rye to nose, it took me back to my childhood with the sweetness on the nose and just that hint of Germolene. I could sit and nose this for ages with out getting bored, then you come to the palate. It might not be big and brash, which I normally like in a Rye. This one is refined but intense, it’s almost to balanced but the Rye gives the spice the kick I want making it very moreish.

If you get chance to try this from Boutique-y then please do, it’s a beautiful dram and well worth the effort. It’s one of the best Ryes I’ve tried in the past year, it’s also made me very interested in the St George’s single malt that I’ve heard a lot about.

A big thanks to That Boutique-y whisky company and Dave for the sample, with this standard my bank manager and wife are not going to be happy. I can see some more additions to the collection in the future.



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