Wishky Co sample box.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to enter and win a competition for a Wishky Co. sample box. Now I’ve been really busy with work and other whisky related commitments, so last night I made the time to have a look and review the box.

For those of you who don’t know Wishky is one of a number of companies that have set up as a subscription service, offering people the chance to sample different whiskies each month. They send out a sample box with 3 different whiskies from around the globe for you to try, along with some tasting notes for each expression . So here are my thoughts on the whole package from Wishky. 

The first thing you notice is the packaging, it’s simple and practical in design. The box has the Wishky logo on the top with the name on the side, there is the usual drink awareness and fragile information on the box as well. When you open it to see the contents you notice straight away how nice the bottles look, they are 5cl bottles but with hand written labels and sealed cork stoppers. A nice change to the usual screw cap bottles, they are a nice chunky design so feel very solid in your hand.

Also inside the box is a little envelope that has the details of what each sample is, on the bottle label is just a number. This is because Wishky encourage it’s customers to first try the samples blind, before opening the tasting notes to see what you have. I do like this idea and feel it is a good way to improve your skills in tasting and nosing whisky. The tasting note cards are nice and simple to understand and feel a good quality to, giving you all the information you would need for the tasting. Inside the box I received were samples from Auchentoshan  (12yo), Glendalough (Double Barrel) and Poit Dhubh (8yo), a nice selection single malt, grain whiskey and blended malt which I’ll review at a later date.

Overall I think the Wishky box is a very well presented product, the 5cl samples offer enough to try each one blind and again after looking at the notes. The tasting note cards are not to big so can be easily stored away for future reference.  The subscription service is on par with the other companies doing this, I feel this is a good service for any lover of whisky to use. I personally think it would suit someone just starting out on their journey, being more beneficial in allowing them to try different whiskies without buying full bottles. For people like myself I think it is a little bit more difficult to recommend, not because I don’t think it’s worth it because I do. This is more because I have such a large collection and have tried a lot of whiskies over the years, so it is likely that I’ll already have a large proportion of the samples sent. I feel the same about all the companies offering this service, so it would come down to a personal choice, but the Wishky one does give you a opportunity to test yourself. As you get these samples blind and don’t know what your trying, you then have the chance to see if you can identify the sample as one you already have seeing how your skills have improved. This has to be one advantage the Wishky Co has over the other companies offering this service. 

I do think the Wishky Co box is one of the best presented ones I’ve seen and had, it does offer good value for money and would be a great gift to any whisky lover. 

I would like to say thank you for Wishky Co for the competition prize and I wish them every success in the future. 


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