Boutique-y whisky: Caledonian 33yo single grain 50.3% abv. 

Just of late I’ve had the opportunity to try some very special whiskies, from limited release new expressions to some old and rare malts. The ones I feel very privileged about are the ones from closed distilleries, to be able to try something that generally can not be produced again is an honour in my opinion.

Boutique-y Whisky have released some very exclusive expressions, with quite a few from closed distilleries. My next sample was one of these releases, a 33yo single grain expression from the Caledonian distillery. Once Britain’s biggest grain distillery the Caledonian or “Cally” as it was known was founded in 1855 by Graham Menzies & Co. Located near the Haymarket rail station and the Forth & Clyde canal, they were in production until they fell foul of the UDV closures in 1988. The site has been turned into to residential flats since, with the giant chimney stack from the distillery being left standing as a monument (the label is the view from the top of this).

Picture courtesy of That Boutique-y whisky company

This Boutique-y Whisky release of “Cally” single grain was batch 1 bottled at 50.3% abv, I belive it’s non chill filtered and non coloured and only 144 bottles were released.

Nose: The fruit is the first thing you notice, kiwi, pear, pink grapefruit, some citrus notes, butterscotch, creamy fudge, a floral note is present as well..

Palate: Butterscotch, rich toffee, lime, red currants, fresh ground coffee, dark chocolate, fresh oak, warm peppery spice, oily..

Finish: medium in length with a warm spice and a coffee undertone..

For something that is 33 years old it is remarkable delicate and light, the flavours are fresh and crisp with a wonderful balance. The sweet and bitter notes dance around your palate with a lovely mouth feel. Having tried a few single grain and grain whiskies before I had found a respect for them, they can be as rich and rewarding as any single malt.

This is excellent quality and value for money if you ask me, show me a 33yo single malt that can be bought for around £140. Another outstanding release from Boutique-y who are impressing me more and more with every expression I try from them.

Thanks to Sorren at OCDWHISKY for the sample.



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