Boutique-y whisky: Paul John 6yo batch 3  52.9% abv 

While I was at Newcastle I had the great privilege to catch up with Dave from That boutique-y Whisky company, this is a man full of passion for his job. He recommended a couple of drams for me to try.

Now in my opinion Boutique-y whisky company is one of the best independent bottlers around at the moment. This is due to the quality of and range of their releases, which varies in the age of casks and distilleries used. The first of those drams Dave recommended was the Paul John 6yo, this is the third batch from Boutique-y and a limited release of 822 bottles. It’s is bottled at 52.9% abv and is also non chill filtered and non coloured.

Nose: Instant soft smoke and peat, dark chocolate, rich caramel toffee, some nice spice, cinnamon, cloves, with time to breathe the smoke fades a little to become more fruity on the nose with apples and berries, blackberries etc.

Palate: The smoke is big on the palate, burnt sugar, cloves, lime, caramel, with time hints of oak, black pepper and stem ginger, there is an creamy icing sugar note in the background throughout.

Finish: Medium in length with a woody smoke and spiced ginger lingering, very moreish.

As you will know if you’ve read my blog I’m a fan of Paul John, so I was expecting something good from this. Well Boutique-y haven’t let me down, it’s a sublime dram to enjoy. This is the first independent bottling of Paul John I’ve tried and I’m so glad I did, it’s Paul John but so completely different for me. I get all the nicely balanced smoke and peat with the rich spice that I would expect, but the sweetness that is present just feels different in such a good way. I can’t put my finger on what it is that is different, maybe it’s the way the smoke fades for me. Allowing more of the fruit to come through on the nose, what ever it is I like it.

This is another great example of the quality and passion that Paul John put into producing their single malt and the excellent choice of casks by Boutique-y. I await with eagerness to seeing what this partnership produces next.

Thanks again to Dave from That boutique-y whisky company for the sample, hope to see you at another festival soon for a catch up on the drams and rugby.



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