Paul John Oloroso single cask 57.4% abv

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I’ve become a big fan of Paul John single malt from Goa India. I’ve had the great pleasure to try the entire core range and a fair few of the limited single casks. My collection has grown with a good number of these single casks but my pride and joy has to be the Oloroso single cask. I was lucky to be able get hold of this very limited expression , with just 252 bottles being released and only 30 of those making it to the UK market.

This is the first sherry cask release from Paul John, being first matured for three years in a bourbon cask. Before being matured in an Oloroso Sherry cask for a further four years. Bottled at cask strength and non chill filtered as with all the previous single cask expressions.

So on to the part I’ve been waiting for, what’s it like.

Nose: Rich vanilla, banana toffee, juicy fruit chewing gum, lovely sweet spice note, with time to open the dried fruits come through, dates, sultanas, prunes, subtle clove note, faint hint of Old Paradise Street coffee grind..

Palate: From the start the sherry influence is present, drying with a burnt caramel hint, cranberries, plums, prunes etc, ginger spice, mocha, oak notes with a hint of bonfire toffee..

Finish: This is a long finish with lots of spice, drying the mouth but very moreish. You don’t want it to end..

This is a big dram, when I first nosed it I thought I’d got the wrong dram. The sherry influence is not that dominant to start with, the longer it’s left to air the more it comes through. Like some of the other single casks I’ve had, I could sit for hours just nosing it. It’s so complex and exquisite to smell, then you take your first sip. It just explodes inside your mouth with so many layers to it, with a quality you wouldn’t expect from a malt so young. If Paul John keep this quality as the standard for their future releases, I can see them challenging Tomatin for the position of my favourite distillery. I look forward with great anticipation for what the future holds for them.

I must say a huge thank you to Sorren at OCDWHISKY for the sample, it was a hard sample swap for him to do (almost at gun point 😂). I know he’s had a lot enquiries about getting a sample, so thank you for saving me from opening the twin to your bottles.


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