Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 46% abv. 

Glenmorangie were the first distillery to start extra maturation in different casks, something we now take for granted from finishes in Oloroso Sherry casks to red wine barriques. Back in the 1990’s Glenmorangie experimented with different wood finishes, one of the first released was a Port Pipe one. The Quinta Ruban is the evolution of that expression, matured for ten years in American white oak casks before being transferred. The extra maturation takes place in Port Pipes selected from the Quintas estates in Portugal. Bottled at 46% abv and non chill filtered, it is one of the core expressions for Glenmorangie.

Nose: Dark fruits, plums, figs, butterscotch, rich chocolate, earthy herbal note, lightly toasted oak, sweet pears, crème brûlée, subtle hint of oranges..

Palate: Figs, prunes, plums, burnt caramel, touch of ginger snaps, rich toffee after a little while, the subtle orange from the nose appears, drying spice with a touch of oak to it..

Finish: Lovely mouth feel with a drying ginger spice..

The extra time spent maturing in the port pipes most definitely adds another layer to the Glenmorangie. The delicate flavors you associated with the Original are still there but with a dark rich decadent overtone provided by the Port influence. Glenmorangie have definitely honed the craft of extra maturation and their experience and skills in this shines through. Quntia Ruban is highly praised by critics the world over and I would certainly agree, this is magnificent example how finishing/ extra maturation (which ever you want to call it) should be done.



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