Highland Park Dark Origins 46.8% abv 

Highland Park has been a family favourite for some time now, most definitely my daughters favourite. So when I started to look at distilleries to visit in Scotland for the Around the world series I’ve been doing, Highland Park was just the perfect starting point for this section of the journey. To that end I wanted to review one of their expressions to go along with the post, Dark Origins has been one I’ve wanted to try for a while and never got around to. The perfect excuse to source myself a sample and do a review in my opinion and here it is.

Nose: Sherried fruits, rasins, orange peel, rich honey, some poached pears as well, after a while almonds and a soft hint of barley appear, subtle earthy smoke is present throughout..

Palate: The smoke is a little more prominent on the palate but still soft, rich dark fruit, sultanas, figs, dates, treacle toffee, dark chocolate, some subtle peppery notes, a hint of liquorice as well..

Finish: Medium in length with that soft earthy smoke and peppery spice..

This is another great addition to the range from Highland Park, such a rich nose and palate but doesn’t try to overwhelm you. The sherry cask influence is present from start to finish and you can tell that quality casks are used. To me this sits perfectly between the 12yo and the award winning 18yo, a nice example of how a NAS expression should be done.

I doubt I’m the only person that would recommend this as a nice alternative to the big peaty Islay malts, for me it’s a great fireside malt and one I would definitely like to add to my shelf.



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