Burns night tasting with The Macallan. 

So this last Burns night I was involved with a tweet tasting hosted by Steve from The Whisky Wire and The Macallan. We were to sample three of their single malts. Now I’ve tried a few expressions from Macallan and found them to be enjoyable, although I’ve had a expression or two that missed the mark so to speak. For this reason I was looking forward to revisiting Macallan with the trio of 12 year olds. The presentation box that Macallan sent was very nice with the three samples and a nosing glass inside.

The first sample of the night was the 12yo Fine Oak.

Nose: A malty note is quite prominent, soft peaches, hint of brown sugar, toasted almonds, after some time citrus notes start to come through with a subtle oaky spice.

Palate: Creamy vanilla, freshly picked apples, soft stem ginger, when it opens a delicate sweet spice with a subtle peppery undertone.

Finish: not too long with that subtle oak trailing off towards the end.

We then moved on to the 12yo Sherry Oak.

Nose: Oranges and Mango, dark chocolate, treacle toffee, sultanas, after some time to breathe a cinnamon note appears with a malty undertone.

Palate: Dark fruits, creamy toffee, some clove and cinnamon notes, rich cocoa, pepper and ginger, a well balanced mouth feel.

Finish: Quite long with a warm ginger spice.

The last one of the night was the 12yo Double Cask.

Nose: peaches in syrup, creamy fudge, figs and dates, a hint of butterscotch after a bit of time with some fresh cut hay as well.

Palate: Oranges, sultanas, rasins, candid peels, sweet caramel, subtle smoke and oak, another well balanced mouth feel.

Finish: medium in length with a very subtle spice and smoke..

All three of the samples were very well balanced and enjoyable, my only concern was for the fine oak. It felt like a dram I’d love to sit outside with on a summers evening but if I was to accompany it with any type of food, it felt like it would be lost in the flavors from the food it was that delicate. I would recommend the Double Cask as the best of the three in my opinion, it had a great balance of flavours to it and they had enough gusto about them to not be lost if had with food. The sherry was as good as the Double cask and it was a close call between them for the best of the night.

Having had some older expressions from Macallan that I loved, I feel that these three 12yo give a better introduction to the distillery than the current NAS entry level. I would recommend these for people want to see if Macallan is for them.

Again I would like to say a big thanks to Steve from the Whisky Wire and to Sietse from The Macallan for the opportunity to be involved in the Tweet tasting.



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