Glendronach 1996 & 2002 batch 14

I’ve had a fair few samples and drams of GlenDronach over the past couple of years and have been very impressed with the quality expressions that they are releasing. So when fellow blogger and friend Sorren of OCDWHISKY offered me a couple of samples from the batch 14 release, I jumped at the chance to try them.

The first of the two samples I tried was the 2002 PX cask #1504 55.5% abv

Nose: Rich creamy toffee, poached pears in syrup, subtle almonds, some dark fruits, dates etc, it has a nice earthy undertone to it..

Palate: Rich dried fruits, dates, figs, then comes the cloves and oak, a hint of ginger followed by a sweet spice and molasses..

Finish: Is quite lengthy with oak and a little heat in the form of ginger..

The second sample was the 1996 PX cask #1485 53.0% abv

Nose: Rich treacle toffee, hint of Orange, some dried fruits & nuts, almonds, hint of pear, after time the fruit becomes more rustic and sherry becomes evident..

Palate: caramelised brown Sugar, figs, dates, sultanas, cloves, Oak, a mix of sweet ginger and white pepper, it just slowly explores your mouth tantalising your taste buds..

Finish: is quite long with a robust oak & pepper..

Well GlenDronach have definitely kept the quality up being NCF and natural colour as well, both of these batch 14 releases are something to behold.

To me the 1996 has that old dunnage feeling to its quality, where you know it’s used the years maturing to contemplate life and how to get the most out of it. Then you have the 2002 which has everything the 1996 has but with just a touch of attitude, like it’s saying don’t think I’m not as good as the old one because I’m younger. It just makes you take notice and for that reason I’d pick it over the 1996.

A big thank you to Sorren for the chance to try these two great expressions from GlenDronach. It’s been a very pleasurable experience and one I’d willingly do again.



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