Nikka All Malt 40% abv.

I thought my first review of 2017 should be something different for me. I’ve been wanting to try some whisky from Japan for a while but for one reason or another just never got around to it.

Well over Christmas I was given the perfect chance to sample a Japanese whisky, my parents bought me a bottle of Nikka All Malt back from their holiday as my Christmas present. So with over a week of work I had no excuses to not take the time to try my present.

So here’s my thoughts on my first Japanese whisky.

Nose: A hint of citrus in the form of lemon and oranges, subtle floral heather, after a while a hint of soft leather and a malty note, very light nose overall..

Palate: Honey and a sweet spice, some Kiwifruit, white pepper with subtle oak, after sometime on palate a dried fruit raisins, dates, candid peel etc, it has a waxy/oil mouth feel with a undertone of peanut oil..

Finish: Medium in length with lots of pepper, Oak and spice..

I don’t known if it’s the way Nikka make it with a blend of traditional malts from Yoichi and Miyagikyo, with some grain whisky that isn’t grain but malted barley distilled in a Coffey still.

It has a distinct mouth feel that reminds me a lot of the single grain whiskies from Cameron Brig. It has a nice balance between the mellow sweetness and the big pepper/spice kick. In some ways I feel it could be two completely different drams in the same glass, the nose feels so much more lighter and softer than the palate is. It’s starts light on the palate but when the spice and pepper hit you can’t miss it.This isn’t a bad thing and makes it stand out for me, definitely making me want to try the components on there own.

For my first Japanese whisky I must say I’m very impressed, as I mentioned above I’m now wanting to try the single malts from the two distilleries used and compare them side by side. So that’s a couple more bottles added to the list that just keeps on growing.


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