One year on.

So I’ve been doing this blog for just over a year now, in that time I’ve met some really lovely and interesting people. They have helped me try and sample a whole host of new whiskies, introduced me to brands I’ve never thought of trying and in some cases never heard of before with some great recommendations. The feedback from the blog both positive and critical has helped my appreciation of everything whisky, giving me a huge drive to expand my knowledge even further.

The down side to this as far as my wife is concerned is the large book case I took over for my whisky collection, is now no longer big enough and I’ve taken over a side just for my samples and started on a second book case. Then there my ever expanding wish list, it has probably doubled in the last year and that is me being very selective on which ones I put on the list. I most certainly could add the same amount of bottles to the list again with out much trouble. 

With new expressions from distilleries I know and love like Tomatin, Highland Park etc, being released and then being introduced to distilleries like Auchentoshan by Sorren and the Indian single malt Paul John with Shilton. I’m getting spoiled for choice and that’s before I even take into account finding exciting expressions at a festival, like Blomstertid from Mackmyra and Old Scout by Smooth Ambler thanks to people like Dave and his lovely daughter Kat.

So I will have to put a few more hours in at work and hope my bank manager loves a drop of whisky as well, then maybe my new updated wish list will be gracing my shelves and my thirst for whisky knowledge satisfied.

I would like to say thank you to Sorren from OCDWHISKY, Robert Anderson and Scott  Eunson from Tomatin, Steve from the Whisky Wire, Shilton Almeida from Paul John Whisky, Dave and Kat From Whisky Discovery, Rob from The Real Dram and Ben from A Dram a Day. Just a few of the amazing people I’ve met over the past year, all who have helped me gain more experience on my continuing journey through the whisky world.



7 Replies to “One year on.”

    1. Thank you, the Monkey Shoulder was one of my bargain buys, on sale in the local supermarket in the middle of last year.
      The wife is going to need a lot of sweet talking with the bottles I’m hoping to add to it this year πŸ˜‚


  1. A great first year from you Craig.. it has been a real pleasure meeting and chatting regularly with you about whisky and stuff.. It is Fantastic to see how our blogs have flourished in the first year and the great samples we get to swop.. Here is to the next year, and I hope both our blogs enjoy success and our passion just keeps on growing..

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    1. Thanks Sorren, it’s been a pleasure for me to. Having someone to chat to about ideas and inspiration for posts has helped never mind the great whiskies you’ve introduced me to. Here’s to the next year of great blogs and success..

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