Benromach Hermitage wood finish 45% abv.

As I’ve got the great pleasure of a Tweet Tasting featuring the Benromach distilliery tonight (14/12/2016), I thought I get into the mood with a quick review. I chose the Hermitage wood finish as it’s one of the few bottles from the distilliery I own that I’ve not tried yet. Having been introduced to Benromach just a little over two years ago, it soon became a favourite in the house through the consistent quality it produces .

So on with the review..

Nose: Lot’s of dark fruit, plums, cranberries, red currents, subtle ancient oak hint, soft smoke, a forest floor at the onset of spring, with time some nectarine hints come through with a hint of mint..

Palate: Rich dark chocolate, oranges, subtle plum, a nice ginger hit, some burnt caramel, some fresh oak with a hint of white pepper with a soft herb undertone..

Finish: Long with a big warm spice kick, the smoke is very soft with an appearance towards the end..

Well they haven’t let me down with the quality, it’s a lovely dram where you can see how the wood finish has influenced the spirit in the cask. Giving this dram many layers to enjoy, like the Organic this is one that needs time to appreciate and enjoy. It’s definitely made me excited for the tasting I have later, it’s also made me want to sample more of the wood finishes. So I guess I can see a shopping trip in the near future.


One Reply to “Benromach Hermitage wood finish 45% abv.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more regarding the quality of whiskies coming out of Benromach. I had my first taste earlier this year and was thoroughly impressed. Punches well above its weight. Haven’t tried any of the NAS offerings, but I feel that the age-statement expressions far exceed most other Speysiders of equal age.

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