The Lakes Distillery Tweet Tasting. 

This past Wednesday (28th Sep) myself and several other fellow bloggers were involved in the Tweet tasting for the Lakes Distillery. We were sent three samples from the distillery to try, all very special and limited. As some of you will know I’m a Founders member for the Lakes Distillery and a big fan, so I was excited to be involved in this tasting, getting an opportunity to try a couple new releases and a special preview.

The samples we received were the Explorers edition of the Lakes Gin, the new Tawny Port finish of The One blend & a preview of the maturing spirit, this was 15mths old and matured in a 1st fill bourbon barrel that had previously held 4yo Heaven Hill bourbon.

The first sample tried was the maturing spirit. This is similar to what would be found in the year 1 Founders bottle, just taken from a different cask and a little further along to becoming the Lakes single malt.

Nose: first is a soft new make note, then comes a subtle orange, some unripe bananas, the bourbon cask makes it presence in the form of a soft sweet vanilla hint, quite a pleasant nose for something so young..

Palate: just a touch on new make, some cookie dough hints, then the warm sweet spice hits, smooth..

Finish:  warm spice and a little sweet..

We then moved on to the new Tawny Port finish of The One. 

Nose: is dry and savour to start, then comes the fruit, red berries, plums etc, there is almost a forest floor undertone to this, very complex..

Palate: this has some big fruity flavours to it, lots of dark fruit, plums, raisins, dates etc.. this is balanced with a sweet honey note and a nice soft dry spice hit..

Finish: is quite long with the fruit and spice complimenting each other..

After a quick palate cleanse we sampled the Explorers edition of the Lakes Gin.

Nose: lots of juniper, rich pine, lemon, soft lavender after sometime in the glass, with a earthy cumin note..

Palate: the juniper is softer than it was on the nose, fresh squeezed lemon, subtle coriander underneath..

Finish: is quite refreshing and not to long but very moreish…

Well that was a very interesting night for me, the maturing spirit shows lots of promise and I feel the 40% abv allows some of the more subtle flavors to shine through. The Tawny Port finish has a great complexity to it, for something that has had only about 6 months in the cask it feels like it spent much more of its life maturing in the cask. It’s another great addition to the range of finishes for The One blend.

The Explorers edition Gin was the star of the for me, it was such a fresh and lively drink. The flavors and nose were extremely pleasant and made it so easy to drink, I don’t normally drink gin but this could seriously change my mind. I look forward to trying the many more expressions to come from the Lakes Distillery, as always I’m sure they will be of a high standard.

So thank you to Steve at The Whisky Wire and to The Lakes Distillery for hosting a perfect night and to all the fellow tweet tasters who helped make it a great night..


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