Hyde Whiskey Tweet Tasting.

So last Wednesday I was involved in the latest tweet tasting organised by Steve from the The Whisky Wire. As usual I was expecting it to be a entertaining night, with some excellent drams sampled.

This time it would be a unique one for me as I would be trying some Irish whiskey, from a brand I had never had before. Hyde Whiskey is in County Cork near it’s beautiful rugged coast. Using 100% malted Irish barley they distill in a traditional copper pot still, before being double matured. First in flame charred, first fill bourbon oak casks, then being finished in either a Oloroso sherry cask or a Caribbean rum cask..

First up was the 10 year old single malt finished in a sherry cask. Non chill filtered and bottled at 46% abv.

Nose: The first thing I notice is a soft earthy herbal note, then you get some clementine, malt and clove notes start to appear, some honey and pear after a little while, the sherry influence is just a whisper..

Palate: Soft oranges, Gooseberry, a faint apple note, malt with some soft toasted oak, then comes a warming spice with some sweet honey, after a while some sugared almonds..

Finish: Long with a gentle spice finish, a very moreish dram..

Then it was the turn of the Hyde Single grain aged for 6 years in the same flame charred, first fill bourbon oak casks used for the single malt.

Nose: Fresh cut grass, some unripe berries, a hint of kiwi fruit, some soft grain notes, subtle honey with a vodka note appearing after sometime..

Palate: some hints of gin botanicals, soft honey, faint lemon notes and a sweet spice hit, with a subtle vodka note underneath..

Finish: is medium in length with the spice fading slowly..

This was a very interesting night, both drams have got to be stars of the Irish whiskey scene. The 10 year old would be a perfect introduction to Irish whiskey and the single grain would be a great introduction to whiskey for people who only drink Gin or Vodka.

The star of the night for me was the single grain, more because of the unique experience it gave me. Both are fine examples of quality Irish whiskey and I would highly recommend them. I now want to try the rest of the expressions, especially the Rum cask finish.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the night, with a special thanks to Steve at The Whisky Wire and Hyde Whiskey.



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