Glen Moray Tweet Tasting 

Last Monday (5th September 2016) I had the great pleasure of being involved in a tweet tasting for the Glen Moray distillery, Hosted by Steve from the Whisky Wire.

Expecting it to be a very entertaining night I waited for my samples to turn up, when they did I was amazed at the way they had been presented to us. In a beautiful blue box with the Glen Moray name and logo on the front with some very generous samples in side.

On the night were were joined by distillery manager Graham Coull to help guide us through the tasting, a true gentleman of the industry and very passionate about Glen Moray. So we started the night with the one sample I expected to be last because of what it was, we started with the..

Glen Moray Elgin Classic Peated 40% abv.

Nose: The peat is very subtle on the nose with a faint coal dust hint, sweet honey, the fruit comes through after a short while with some green apples and citrus notes..

Palate: The peat is more prominent on the palate but doesn’t overpower everything, the green apples and sweet vanilla balance the peat out, there is a faint hint of oranges and lime as well.

Finish: isn’t to long with subtle peat and spice, with some orange peel appearing towards the end..

It was quite a refreshing dram, next was..

Glen Moray Elgin Classic Sherry Cask Finish 40% abv.

Nose: The classic sherry nose with some dried fruits & peel, a sweet toffee/honey note comes through with the fruit, also a little ginger note appearing, rich and creamy with more fruit figs etc appearing..

Palate: Sherried fruits and peel rasins orange peel figs etc.., a butterscotch sweetness with a soft pepper note coming through, such a lovely light mouth feel..

Finish: like the peated not to long with the sherry being very subtle, very enjoyable..

We then moved on to the first new release..

Glen Moray Elgin Heritage 15yo 40% abv (new release).

Nose: The nose on the 15yo is so rich with creamy toffee notes, strawberries and raspberrys, lots of juicy fruit, something like a fresh baked berry crumble with some subtle spices coming in after a little while..

Palate: The palate is as complex as the nose with dried fruits and soft stem ginger, balanced with a sweet toffee note, after a little while some clove and rich 80% dark chocolate, with a sweet spice towards the end..

Finish: This is long with the sweet spice turning a little dry..

Then it was another new expression..

Glen Moray Distillery Edition 1994 Sherry Cask Finish 56.7% abv.

Nose:The first thing that hit me for this was a distinct bourbon note, then comes the rich fruit, cherries, raspberrys etc, a sweetness that is where between caramel and rich treacle toffee, complete bliss for the nose..

Palate: The bourbon note carried over from the nose, then comes the dried fruit, oranges, some clove and stem ginger, rich treacle pudding, so creamy and mouth coating..

Finish: This is beautiful and long…. don’t end please!!

The last one of the night was a distillery exclusive..

Glen Moray 2006 Cider Cask Finish 58.6% abv.

Nose: Sweet pineapple, melon, floral honey notes, peardrops, a hint of sweet white wine..

Palate: Quite a fruity palate with green apples and some zesty lemons, nice spice hit not to overpowering, sweet honey to balance the spice..

Finish: This was quite long but a great balance between sweet and spice.. definitely the best cider cask finish I’ve ever had..

This was another great night with some excellent malts being sampled. For me the 1994 Sherry cask just edge out the distillery exclusive cider cask as the best of the night. Glen Moray produce some of the best quality Speyside malts I’ve had and are priced at unbelievable value for money, there is always at least one bottle on my shelf open. At the moment this is the peated as it’s my dram of choice for introducing someone to peated whisky. After this tasting a few more bottles have made my must have list, with the 94 sherry cask being the one I most want when it’s released.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Graham and Steve for hosting an excellent night and for giving me the opportunity to take part. I would also like to say thank you to the fellow tasters that took part in the night, as always they were informative and entertaining.

I wish Graham and the Glen Moray distillery every success with the new expressions and you have one guaranteed purchase of them here.



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