Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41.4% abv 

Mackmyra was one of the distilleries that I wrote about in the around the world series of posts, it is the one I would most want to visit in Sweden.

From its location in its own whisky village to the environmental friendly way the distillery works, all these things made very interested in what they were producing. So I made a point of trying to finding a bottle of there whisky to try, I was lucky that one of the local whisky specialist shops had this expression in stock.

The first thing I noticed about the Brukswhisky is the packageing is quite unique, it shows the whole whisky making process in cartoon style drawings on the box. This is carried on to the label, I also love the little details they’ve included on the bottle like the emblem on the bottom.

So for the tasting..

Nose: fruity is the one word I’d use for this, a fresh morning orchard, subtle oranges, some sweet peardrops comes in behind the fruit with a hint of pine nuts, crisp and clean all the way through..

Palate: the fruit from the nose is present again, green apples, a sweet vanilla toffee note with a subtle undertone of marzipan, there is a faint ginger note that get more pronounced the longer you leave it, a very soft herbal note appears late in drink like a Rye note..

Finish: this is clean and envigorating dram not to long, with a subtle ginger hit..

While I was doing the review for this lovely malt, I would be thinking about what I was smelling or tasting. I would go to have another sip to confirm a smell or taste, only to find the my glass was empty and in need of a top up to finish my research. It is such a easy dram to drink but with just the right amount of complexity, to stop you from just quaffing the drink and make you savour it. I’ve not had many whiskies that have gone down as well as this, everyone in my family who has shared a dram with me loves it.

This is the only expression I’ve tried from Mackmyra but if the rest are anywhere near as good as this, I’ll be in for a treat when I try them. I’ll most definitely be on the look out for there other expressions, especially if I can get hold of the Midvinter one. This sounds so interesting to me that I’m on the hunt for this limited release. So if you have not tried a single malt from mainland Europe then I would highy recommend this to you.



2 Replies to “Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41.4% abv ”

  1. Agreed, Mackmyra is definitely doing all the right things. I have a ‘First Edition’ and while it is a fairly light dram, the flavours are citrusy and refreshing. Body like a Lowlander but far more complexity. I also have a stashed Mackmyra ‘Special Release 08’. Can’t wait to try it in a few years.

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