Grants Whisky Tweet Tasting.

This Wednesday I was involved in the Tweet tasting hosted by Steve at The Whisky Wire, this time we were sampling the Grant’s core range.

Being one of the lucky ones choose to take part I received my nice little package of samples from Grant’s through the post, I had a nice surprise with the inclusion  of a small tasting glass as well. 

It had been awhile since I last had anything from Grant’s, so I was looking forward to revisiting them again. I must also make a little confession here, I am guilty as charged at not giving the core range a second glance for a while now. Being more interested in reviewing single malts and more expensive blends/vatting, thinking that because they are at the cheaper price point everyone would have reviewed them and people wouldn’t be interested in reading my reviews. 

So to make amends for this here is my review of the excellent core range from Grant’s. On the night the first one we tried was the,

Family Reserve 

Nose: Toffee, vanilla, earthy, subtle mint notes, sweet pear, some barley, a touch of clove and oak..

Palate: Just like the nose some toffee, subtle oak, Spice, some lime as well, sweet honey and green apples..

Finish: fresh spice with the subtle oak and a hint of lemon peel, not to long..

We then moved on to the,

Sherry Cask

Nose: Soft toasted oak, earthy herbal note, some stone fruit plums cherries etc, a sweet vanilla notes comes through after time, subtle sherried fruits..

Palate: orange & lime peel, red currents, unripe apples, some sweetness in the form of vanilla, the sherry influence is more dry than sweet..

Finish: short with a nice oak spice kick..

The third expression sampled was,

Ale Cask 

Nose: This was very distinctive compared to the previous expressions, a lot fresher with honey, plum, pear, fresh cut grass, some malt, it reminded me of a sweeter softer Spirit of Broadside from Adnams. .

Palate: sweet fruit, pear, apple, plum, floral honey, this fades to a Mocha Italia coffee grind, some malt and very faint oak..

Finish: not to short with some subtle spice.. 

The last dram of the night sampled was


Nose: sweet floral honey, apple, pears, some hints of madeira sponge cake, malty with some soft spice notes.. 

palate: The fruit is present with apples & pears,  some soft spice with a hint of fresh cut grass, I also got a werthers originals hint with a subtle oak undertone…

Finish: such a lovely finish and mouth feel, having just the right balance of Spice, oak and sweetness to it..

This was a very nice tweet tasting that reminded me of some great blends at an unbelievable price, on the night the Signature came out on top for me. The Ale cask was a very close second and I think I’m not the only one when I say it was an excellent dram. I think that it might not be to everyone’s taste but the extra time spent in the ale cask, gives the expression another level of complexity. I feel that it should open up more possibilities for distilleries to experiment with some very unique taste profiles. The amount of different craft ales etc available could produce some excellent new expressions so well done to Grant’s for this one.

While writing this post I’ve been browsing the Grant’s website and a couple of online retailers,  with  some very interesting finds. On the Grant’s website I’ve come across a very interesting group of expressions, they are called the Elementary collection. Aimed at showcasing the elements that are involved in producing a great whisky, from the Carbon in the char of the casks to the Copper use in the stills. Do they not sound interesting,  definitely something I’ll be looking out for and wanting to sample.

So thank you to Steve at The Whisky Wire and Grant’s whisky for the opportunity to be involved with the tasting. If your after a blend that gives you excellent dram at bargin basement prices, then you should definitely be looking at trying some of the Grant’s range…


4 Replies to “Grants Whisky Tweet Tasting.”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog but I can’t agree with your tasting notes for these grants blends, at best they are ok, but you make them sound great. I have had the sherry and ale finished ones and they were not good ! Rather bland and certainly not worth anything other than to have some Coke mixed in with them.

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    1. That’s fine Alister, I have had blends and malts that are far worse and others I’ve enjoyed more. The sherry cask was the least favorite of mine on the night but that didn’t make it a bad dram. I do feel the same about some other blends and think they are only worth drinking with a mixer..


  2. nice write up Craig.. On the night the ale cask was my least favourite but the others were very drinkable, for sub £20 you can’t go too wrong.. Your not alone in the neglecting blend world.. I am a full on malt snob 😂

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