Paul John Unpeated Single Cask #P1-163 57% abv

So after sampling some excellent drams from Paul John Whisky, I decided to purchase a few of the single cask releases. I was lucky to come across a few of the early releases from the distillery and immediately purchased them, giving me the perfect chance to compare them to the latest ones.

The first of these I tried was the cask #P1-163, I believe this was actually the second single cask expression from the distillery released in March 2013. Matured in Kentucky bourbon casks before being bottled un chill filtered with no added colouring at cask strength of 57% abv.

Presented in a lovely box with some straw packing, on the inside of the box is a nice inscription telling you about the single malt held in that elegant looking bottle.

So how does this compare to the later expressions I had the pleasure of trying.

Nose: The fruit is what you notice first with lime, lemon, orange before a warm subtle spice appears with some mint and coriander, the sweetness of the honey, vanilla and chocolate are present all the way through the dram, after a little while you get a faint oak and barley note.

Palate: The freshness of the fruit carries on in the palate, the lime and lemon giving it a lovely zing, the spice has a bit more of a kick with some ginger fading to a subtle oak note, the chocolate is more of a mocha note in the mouth, it has a amazing mouth feel to it.

Finish: This has to be the longest finish I’ve had in a long time, the freshness and spice just keep on going, Wonderful to the very end.

This is an amazing dram, it has the quality that I got from the later expressions but with a bit more zing to it. You can see how they have improved with each release, to me this would be a perfect dram for those sunny evenings with friends. I have definitely recommend this and the others to friends and family as a must try and in my opinion a must have for any whisky lovers collection.

Having now tried an early release and some of the latest releases along with the core range, I feel I can honestly say that Paul John have from the beginning to the very present put quality at the heart of their single malt. With no compromise being allowed anywhere, a true classic malt in the making..



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