Paul John Peated Single Cask #686 59% abv

This was the second of the samples I had the pleasure trying thanks to Shilton.

After trying the core range of unpeated and peated whiskies, I was quite excited to see if the difference was similar between the single casks. With them being un chill filtered and no added colouring, I was hoping to see a true comparison between the two types of malt, with me ever so slightly favouring the peated versions of the ones I’d tried so far.

As with the #1906 single cask I believe this was a limited release of around 160 bottles, matured for about 6 years in American oak cask and bottled at cask strength at 59%.

Nose: First comes the peat soft and sweet, honey, poached pears, a hint of cinnamon, underneath is a subtle brine note with some lime and oranges. Dark cocoa powder and a touch of coriander..

Palate: The peat is very subtle and works with the ginger, warm sweet spice, some honey notes, caramelized sugar, always with a lime hint in the background, the oak comes in towards the end.

Finish: this is long and warm, with the perfect balance between peat and spice..

Well I must say that I’m very impressed with this malt, it might not be a big Islay peat bomb but it most certainly is a excellent dram. The subtleties of flavors that play in over your palate have to be tried to be believed, not at any point does the peat dominate the experience. What it does do is enhance the sweetness of the fruits and spice, giving an excellent counterpoint to the whole drink.

With the two other single cask bottles I’ve ordered turning up as I write this, I’m now excited to try them. If they are anywhere near as good as the last two samples I’ve tried, I’ll be a very happy whisky lover until then..

I would like to say another big thank you to Shilton Almeida for the opportunity to sample this lovely dram.



2 Replies to “Paul John Peated Single Cask #686 59% abv”

  1. These expressions from Paul John are going down a treat.. I have to say I prefer the unpeated versions but it’s good to be different.. We might have to buy shares in the company at this rate ..

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    1. My mind could be changing with the unpeated coming out on top with the last two I’ve just tried. I’m just finishing of the reviews but they are sublime, definitely giving me reason to think again about which one I prefer.
      As for the shares you could be on to something there, with how many I intended to get from them 😆

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