Paul John Unpeated Single Cask #1906 59.5% abv

After trying the core range from Paul John, I wanted to try some of their other expressions. These mainly being the single cask limited releases coming in both unpeated and peated versions. So after a little while of browsing online and phoning local specialist retailers, I’d narrowed down my choice to a couple of bottles. I was stuck with a little dilemma on which to get, both had great reviews and we’re just what I was looking for. This is where I decided to get a little bit of advice from someone who had a better knowledge than me, Shilton Almeida is a Regional manager for John Distilleries the owners of Paul John his advice was great and helped me decide on my final choice. During the conversation about my purchase choices Shilton gave me the opportunity to sample a couple of different single cask expressions.

The first being the unpeated #1906 single cask, matured in bourbon a cask and bottled un chill filtered & non coloured at 59.5% abv. I believe it has a limited release of around 210 bottles.

Nose: The first thing I noticed is how fresh this is, the fruit is so vivid with lime & lemon, some gooseberries with a bit is sweetness from some banana and Gala melon, then comes the rich barley with a fresh cut grass hint to it, the sweetness also arrives in the form of some honey and chocolate notes, there is also a lovely subtle liquorice and sweet spice note underneath it all..

Palate: The fruit is just as fresh on the palate as it was in the nose, some lime, orange, gala melon and the gooseberry, the honey adds a wonderful sweetness to it, then the spice comes in soft warm and sweet, some oak and nutmeg as well..

FInish: It’s medium in length with the oak still being present with a wonderful mellow spice, they coat the whole mouth making it extremely moreish and the perfect finish to a wonderful dram..

Well I must say my experiences with Paul John just keep going from strength to strength, the core range was lovely to try but this single cask was amazing. I’ve had friends tell me they get so much more pleasure from nosing the dram than they do drinking it, with this I can honestly say I see where they are coming from. The layers of complexity this has are something I would have expected in a dram four or five times older than what this is. This whole experience has reinforced my opinion that Paul John is definitely a brand to watch, they are producing some excellent quality single malts and at a price that to me are a steal. Now I can’t wait for the bottles I’ve ordered to arrive (yes I decided to just get both).

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Shilton Almieda for the samples and the great advice, he is a true gentleman.



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