Langatun Old Bear 40% abv

So having named Langatun distillery as one of the places I would visit in my around the world blog series, it only seemed fair that when the opportunity arrived for me to try the Old Bear expression I take it.

The Old Bear expression I was sampling is a 5 year old peated whisky bottled at 40% abv, a cask strength version that is 64% abv is available as well. They also do an unpeated expression that is called Old Deer, this is another 5 year old bottled at 40% abv and 64% abv.

Nose: The first thing I noticed is how herbal the nose was, almost reminding me of a rye whisky, then comes the subtle smoke, raspberrys, cranberries, almost a apple turnover as well, some sweetness with a custard note that gradually sweetens to a honey note with some chocolate hints, quite pleasant.

Palate: The sweetness comes through first with honey and a sweet spice, apple and red berries are still present from the nose, I also got some clove with a oak note, the smoke is present all the way through but so faint I’d almost say it wasn’t peated.

Finish: It has a lovely sweet spice and herbal oak finish with that soft smoke, for me it’s just a little short.

This is a nice dram with some great flavours, the smoke is very soft all the way through and I would have preferred it to have just a little bit more of a presence. I would love to try the cask strength version to see if it still has the lovely unique nose.

I would like to say a big thank you to Sorren at OCDWHISKY for the sample.



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