Around the world week 12

It’s been two months since I last wrote the last blog in this series, due to serious increase in my regular work hours and a metal block with the next blog for this series. 

The main issue being the vast number of distilleries that produce whisky in Germany, with nearly 40+ producing whisky right now it has been a huge task to search through the vast quantities of information available. Now I could have just picked a few at random and been done with it but I’ve not done that at any point so far and don’t intend to start now. I wanted to find the distilleries that really peaked my interest, ones that I could give a genuine reason for wanting to visit. 

So for my first stop in Germany I’d be visiting the oldest single malt whisky distillery in the country,  it might only be 36 years old being founded in 1980. Whisky-Destillerie Blaue Maus is situated near Neuses in the Eggolsheim district (I believe that’s the correct region). They use unheated malt and normally mature the Spirit for about 8-10 years in fresh German oak barrels, all whisky from Blaue Maus are from single casks and with approximately 10 expression in the range you have plenty to choose from. One of the things I really like about Blaue Maus is the Stapelflasche, this is 3 20cl size bottles that come as one bottle but allow you to choose which whiskies you’d like to try. The bottle look really nice to and very unusual definitely one I want to add to the collection. 

The next stop is one that is more commonly know to whisky lovers, that is Slyrs Destillerie in Schliersee Bavaria founded in 1928 as the Lantenhammer Destillerie but only producing whisky from 1999 becoming Slyrs in 2003. They have a good range of expressions to choose from with a standard 3yo bottled at 43%, a cask strength version at 55%. This is sold only at the distillery itself  limited to one bottle per customer and only while they have stock. They also have some sherry and port finished expressions and in May 2015 they released 1000 bottles of the distilleries first 12yo. They sell around 40000 bottles of whisky per year and in 2010 with the increase of production facilities have the ability to produce 150000 bottles per annum. 

From here it’s on to one of the newest distilleries, founded in 2009 the Preussische Whiskydestillerie in Uckermark region about an hours drive from Berlin. It is set up in a old closed distillery that was running until the beginning of WW2, stripped clean at the end of the war by the Russians. Cornelia Bohn installed a 550ltr copper still with a four plate rectification column attached. The Spirit is distilled very slowly about five times before being matured in either German fine oak casks, heavily toasted American oak casks or German Spessart oak casks. All the whisky produced since 2013 has been made from organic barley and from March 2015 will be at least 5 years old. All being un chill filtered and with out colouring and bottled at cask strength. 

Here is were I leave Germany to head back into mainland Europe with my next stop just across the boarder into Switzerland home to some very fine whisky producing distilleries before going further east again on my travels.



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