G&M Cask Strength Highland Park 2005 56.6abv


This was the second bottle I purchased to add to the collection along with the Macphail’s Collection 8yo Highland Park. As a fan of both Highland Park and Gordon Macphail’s, I was excited to try this expecting something special.
At cask strength I figured it would be a little in your face and need a bit more time with it to get the most out the experience.

Nose: The nose is quite sweet at first, vanilla and some home made Scottish tablet, a slight hint of apples and pears, chocolate with a minty undertone, some barley as well.

Palate: The sweetness carries over from the nose with some barley sweets, apples give way to an orange citrus note, the sweetness then fades to a more spice kick with some oak spice and a little white pepper, very faintly underneath the spice I get a smokey/ash hint.

FInish: The finish is medium in length with a sweetness that dissolves into the spice, with this being more prominent.


I tried this along side the the Macphail’s Collection 8yo Highland Park, both of these are good drams and would be enjoyed by any Highland Park fan. The cask strength does require a bit more time to get the most out of it. Having tried it with and without adding water, I think it is best enjoyed neat and just give it time to breath.
I was expecting this to be a big bold exciting Highland Park dram, it is big and bold but it just doesn’t quite do it for me after having the 8yo at the same time. Don’t get me wrong this is a great dram, it’s just the 8yo is typical Highland Park with attitude and complexity compared to this where the strength dominates just a little to much.


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