Spirit of Speyside tweet tasting


This last Wednesday (15th June) I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen bloggers and whisky fans involved in a tweet tasting for the Spirit of Speyside 2016 winners.
I will give my thoughts on the expressions involved in a moment but I first wanted to say something about the experience.
I am new to the tweet tasting events this being only my second one I’ve participated in. So for me the opportunity to try some whiskies that I may never get around to on my own is not the the only benefit, the opportunity to interact with fellow bloggers and whisky fans is another benefit that I can not ignore. We all would love to do more tastings with fellow lovers of whisky, to exchange information and notes as we try the samples. To have someone to make a suggestion for that elusive nose your struggling to pin down, or give a relevant counterpoint to you opinion but we have lifestyles that dictate this is not always possible. For me theses reasons alone I feel the tweet tasting are an important experience for any blogger/fan, I understand the company’s will use these to raise brand awareness. I’ve worked for a very big coffee chain and was training to be a brand ambassador for them so I know how that works. That does not change the fact that for me the tweet tastings give me an opportunity to try some amazing drams and at the same time introduce me to some amazing people.
So I would like to say a very big thank you to Steve at the Whisky Wire and the Spirit of Speyside for letting me be involved. I would also like to say thank you to the fellow bloggers and whisky fans involved on the night, with out your input and suggestions I would  probably still be stuck with it smells like whisky.

So on to the samples tried.

Glen Grant 10yo.
This was a sweet and fruity on the nose with some some peaches and vanilla notes, the palate was a bit more robust with some nutty hints with toffee and a malty taste.
A lovely dram to start the night of.


Glenfiddich 12yo.
A classic malt with honey, pear and apple notes on the nose, the palate follows the nose witn a nice creamy mouth feel very smooth. One that we loose touch with but shouldn’t.


Glen Moray 16yo.
A beautiful surprise on the night, the nose was so fresh and fruity with some melon, apple and a sweetness that reminded me of those big bars of pink and white nougat from my childhood. The palate didn’t let the nose down with some orange peel, Apple and  a sweet honeyed spice. A light and refreshing mouth feel.


Glenfiddich 18yo.
Such a rich nose with baked apples and honeyed pears some malt comes through as well. The palate is like the nose rich and sumptuous, apple, cinnamon some warm oak spice, gingerbread and such a creamy mouth feel with a Mellow oak finish.


Cragganmore 25yo.
This is a big dram with lots sweetness and fruit, some brown sugar, rum and rasins ice cream, passion fruit and American cream soda on the nose. The palate was just as big with some melon, salted honey with some big spice. Such a taste explosion in the month.


Glenfiddich 21yo.
More like the elder statesman, rich and refined on the nose with crème brûlée, orange peel, rasins, sultanas and some oak. The palate carries on were the nose finishes with some toffee, rich berries, cloves and a lovely spice that stays to the end.


The expressions tried on the night were all excellent, throwing up some surprises for me. Giving me a few new bottles that have been added to an ever increasing shopping list.
The star of the night was the 21yo Glenfiddich with the Cragganmore a very close second,  it was also great to try the 16yo Glen Moray after finding out its being discontinued. Make this one a must purchase before its gone for ever.
So with that in mind I will say thank you to all people involved for an excellent night and I hope to be involved in many more..

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