Glen Scotia Double Cask 46% abv

Glen Scotia is one of those distilleries that I’d been wanting to try for a while but just never got around to. So when I saw a bottle of the Double Cask in a local store, well I couldn’t resist and bought it.
Glen Scotia is one of only three remaining distilleries operating in Campbeltown, they were bought out by the Loch Lomond group in 2014 who have invested heavily in the distillery. They have relaunched the range which now consists of three core expressions, the Double Cask, 15 year old and the Victoriana with a single cask expression only available at the distillery shop.
I must say I do like the new packaging, the style is complementary to the heritage that the distillery has.


The Double Cask is first matured in the distilleries finest oak barrels before being finished in first fill bourbon casks, followed by some time in Pedro Ximerez sherry casks.

Nose: The first thing I noticed was how sumptuous the nose is, rich caramel with some sweet sherry, a subtle pear with a  herbal mint note underneath, towards the end comes a treacle toffee note.

Palate: The sherry carries over into the palate, sweet rasins and currents, a touch of vanilla adds to the sweetness, the oak spice is not to dominant and gives way to a earthy mint, the bourbon makes its self present with a little bit of dryness towards the end, such a pleasant mouth feel.

Finish: This is a long rich finish with sweet spice fading into a more dominant sherry.


This malt has such a luxurious feel to it, with the way the packageing looks but more importantly the nose and palate. The whole experience makes me think I should have paid more for the bottle than I did.
I’ve had malts from Campbeltown region before but not from Glen Scotia, it might get me into trouble with some fans of Campbeltown malts but I must say this made the Springbank 10 & 12yo feel quite dull in comparison.
So to Glen Scotia distillery keep up the good work and I look forward to trying the rest of the range in due course.

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