The One limited edition 12 month sherry finish 40% abv.

So on my last visit to the Lakes Distillery, I purchased the latest version of their blend The One.
The One is a blend of whiskies from around the British Isles which is the first of its kind, I’ve reviewed this blend before as both its original expression and a six month sherry finished.
The latest expression is an Oloroso Sherry finish, this time it is left for twelve months instead of the six that the previous one was.


My first impressions after pouring a dram is it looks a little darker and richer in colour.

Nose: Instantly the big sherry note hits with a fairly dry hint to it, when the sherry starts to subside you get the fruit coming through, with cranberries, plum, a little bit of orange peel is also present, you get a sweet note with some butterscotch, towards the end the oak makes an appearance with a subtle soft smoke.

Palate: Big sherry straight away to me it’s very dry at first, then comes the sherried fruits rasins, currents and peel, leave it to breath a while and it’s a different dram, a subtle cumin spice, lots of juicy fruit, apples pears etc reminding me of juicy fruit chewing gum, some sweet caramel with the oak coming through at the end.

Finish: Is medium in length and very pleasant with the sherry coming back to the front making the mouth water


This is a great addition to the Lakes range of whiskies, giving you another completely different expression.
The quality of the blends they have produced so far is filling me with confidence in what they will produce as a single malt themselves. With some new expression of The One in the pipeline for the end of this year and next year, the Lakes Distillery is definitely one to watch.


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