Tomatin Cù Bòcan 46% abv.

This is a bottle I’ve really been looking forward to trying, coming from my favourite distillery and being peated (even if only slightly) and non chill filtered. My love for Tomatin developed a fair few years ago, when it was the hidden gem of highlands single malts. It was the soft subtle floral notes and sweetness that won me over. At the time I didn’t really like peated whiskies, it was like drinking a coal fire to me, so when I decided to try them again a couple of years ago. It was a surprise to me that I found most of them pleasant and intriguing, offering a different depth to the drink but some still had that old affect on me.
So when I found out about Cù Bòcan I really wanted to try it, I was also a little nervous at the same time. This could be either wonderful or a complete disaster for me. My favourite distillery with a peated malt and me only just starting to like peated whisky but not entirely.


So I purchased a bottle and then I chickened out and didn’t try it, I suppose at the time I didn’t want to ruin my image of what Tomatin did.
So I’ve tried a fair few peated whiskies now and have definitely grown to love them, with that in mind I thought it was now time to try the Cù Bòcan.

Nose: The soft floral note that is Tomatin is still there, a very soft peat note is present with lots of fruit, orange, grapefruit and some pineapple, a hint of some toasted barley and a bit of plain chocolate, after a while you can just make out a subtle liquorice root coming through.

Palate: The fruit is present with orange, pineapple and a bit of lime zest as well, the peat is soft and sweet almost whispering, turning to a subtle smoke over time, I get a nice butterscotch sweetness to balance the zest, a sherry influence is present but very faint and the pepper/spice is not in your face either.

Finish: The finish is medium in length with a soft smoke aftertaste coming through over time, it’s light and fresh with a gentle mouth feel making it moreish.


Well I put of trying this malt because I didn’t know what to expect, that was a mistake on my behalf. This is a peated malt with a difference, the peat is so soft that it enhances the other flavours. Not at any point does it try to dominate the drink, to me it makes the fruit just pop that little bit more. I suppose if you like your peat to grab you by the taste buds, this won’t be the peated malt for you. I would still recommend you tried it because it could surprise you, on those nice summer days do you always want the bonfire to drink. Or would you like something a bit more fresh with a hint of peat to compliment that bbq.



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