Rock Oyster (Douglas Laing) 46.8% abv

This is the third of the Douglas Laing regional malts I’ve tried from the range, paying homage to the sea. Well to be more precise the islands of Scotland, with this being made up of malts from the islands distilleries. These include malts from the islands of Arran, Islay, Jura and Orkney, as with the rest of the range it is non chill filtered and non coloured, with the unique label (an open oyster with a pearl) that I’ve come to expect from Douglas Laing.


Nose: The smell of the sea air with that briney note comes first, some subtle smoke with a hint of peat, this gives way to rich honey with orange making its self present.

Palate: The sea carries across from the nose with sea salt, a little kick comes in the form of a pepper note, the honey is more of a subtle presence with a apple hint, towards the end you get a orange zest hint with a little oak spice.

Finish: The oak and spice/pepper are more dominant in the finish, it’s not to long and a little exuberant.


This is another great dram from Douglas Laing, one that really does pay homage to the sea. I can see this going down a treat at the bbq over the summer months, with just the right balance of sweet/sour/spice to enhance what ever is on the bbq.
So far I can honestly say that you can not go wrong with purchasing any of the regional malts range, you will find a dram to suit any occasion and taste with in the range.


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