Timorous Beastie (Douglas Laing) 46.8 abv

While having a drink and chat recently with fellow blogger Sorren (OCDWHISKY), we got on to the subject of blends and vatted malts. I admitted that I’d been introduced and found some blends etc that had really impressed me, so much so that in some cases I would say they were better than some single malts I’d tried.
So later that day with the conversation still running through my mind, I decided to look for some more blends/vatted whisky to try. After a little window shopping and some reading of reviews, I turned to twitter to catch up with the days goings on. Only to see a tweet from Douglas Laing announcing the release off their new expression The Epicurean, so a couple of clicks later I was browsing their Internet store.
As you can guess I left with the complete regional malts range to try, either in miniature or full bottle size.
Timorous Beastie is the first one I’ve chosen to review, it’s a vatted malt from the highlands including malts from Dalmore, Glengoyne and Glen Garioch to name a few. It is non chill filled with no colour added, small batch bottling at 46.8%


Nose: The first thing I noticed is how rich it smells, vanilla and toffee leap out at me, then I get the nice mix of sweet pears with red apples, I also get a fresh cut meadow with some barley as well, there is also a subtle undertone of oak beneath it all..

Palate: The richness follows over from the nose with a sweet honey and fudge note, this subsidies to allow a sweet spice come through, the apple from the nose is still present just a little softer, the oak gentle comes to the front towards the end..

Finish: Sweetness that turns to soft oak, it’s not to long but very memorable…

Well I can say with complete confidence that this is one of those blends that can stand toe to toe with a single malt. The choice of the malts used and the time taken to match those malts with each other, shows through with the quality that this dram is.
It has definitely left me with a positive feeling about trying the rest of the range, just as well I’ve got them to try..


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