Ardbeg 1977 46% abv


In the years I’ve been drinking malt whisky, I’ve tried many different distilleries and expressions from said distilleries. I know I’ve had some classic expressions that we would give our right hand for now, but I must bow my head in shame because I could only name a few and also drunk them like they were some supermarket blend.
So maybe it’s time to redeem myself and pay the respect that these legends made of malt whisky deserve.
My love of peated whisky is a little new and I’ve tried a fair few drams in discovery of this, now I know Ardbeg has a loyal following and it was one of the last ones I discovered.
The 10yr old is big and bold with the whole experience, from the loud nose to the explosion  of peat in the mouth when you taste it. So when a friend offered me the chance to sample an Ardbeg from the 70’s I could just not let the chance pass.


Nose: Subtle is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ardbeg, but the peat is so soft, the smoke is subtle with a soft brine note, after a little while comes the fresh hay and some sweet spice all still very subtle, the vanilla fudge note is a little bit firmer but not over powering, underneath this is a fruit note that almost whispers it’s presence, some kind of sweet orange note…

Palate: Ardbeg that I recognise, the peat and smoke make themselves felt straight away, bonfire cinders with a liquorice root twist, some green apples with a sweet spice and a marmalade undertone, what an explosion of flavours…

Finish: To say this is long would be a understatement, it feels like it should be a dry finish but my mouth won’t stop watering..

What can I say about this dram, WOW is one expression that comes to mind. Yes this is Ardbeg but not as you know it, the softness and complexity of the nose combined with the explosion that happens in your mouth just lift this into a whole new level of enjoyment.
The pleasure I’ve had sampling this dram has show me how much range you can get within one distillery. Yes some people think that Ardbeg is to much with the peat, but I challenge anyone to try this and not find at least a new found respect if not love for Ardbeg.
I must say thank you to my friends for the sample cheers.

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