Ledaig Single Malt NAS 42% abv.

As I’ve said before when I was younger my opinion on whisky was very closed, part of that opinion was that peated whiskies were not for me. Now over the years I’ve found that my tastes have changed and with my new found passion for experimenting with all types of whisky. I thought I’d try a peated whisky to see if my opinion was still the same or had my tastes changed enough for me to enjoy this as well. So with that in mind I called at my local supermarket and found this bottle, it was the only choice if I didn’t want to for a full blown Islay peat bomb.


Now I’ve had the Tobermory and liked that so thought it wouldn’t be that big a peat hit, being from the same distillery (guess who didn’t do any research when I bought this bottle).
Anyway I’ve had this bottle a while now and yes my tastes have changed, I’ve found a new found love and respect for the peated whisky with the help of bottles like this.
So on to the tasting. .

Nose: The first thing to hit is the peat it’s big, then comes the rest of the pack with the brine and some hints of creosote, after a bit this calms down and you get sweet syrup note with some fresh cut wood with a fresh hay note underneath.

Palate: The smoke and peat are present from the start, get past that and then comes a sweet spice note, some of the wood from the nose makes appearance with a dark chocolate hint following, the sweetness comes back with a fudge hint and beneath that is the softest of orange hints.

Finish: Is not to short with a subtle spice and peat smoke with a faint wood note towards the end.

When I first opened this bottle I thought I was going to completely hate it, the peat was so strong from the start. Now that I’ve spent some serious time finding my love for peat and quite a bit with this malt, I must say this bottle has more complexity than bottles that cost two or three times more.
With time it becomes more sweeter and complex, showing that there is more to peated Whiskies than the bonfire note we get from most.
It might not be the one that jumps to mind when you think of peated whiskies, but I must say this would be a good stepping-stone for some one who was working upto that big Islay peat bomb. It’s also opened up another source of good peated malts for me to carry on my journey with.


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