Benromach 10 year old 100° proof 57% abv

This bottle is one of a trio of Benromach expressions that I was bought for my birthday, who says growing old can’t be fun.
This is the third expression I have reviewed from Benromach and one I was looking forward to trying, to be able to compare it side by side with the standard 10 year old. To explore first hand the difference the abv levels has on what is, for all intentions the same expression.
It is the same classic Speyside 10 year old just bottled at 57% abv, the same as the old 100° imperial proof hence the name I believe. It is also non chill filtered and comes in the same quality styled packaging that all the Benromach expressions come in.


Nose: The first thing to hit me was the sherry notes, lots of berry fruits raspberrys and strawberries etc, a hint of plain chocolate, a little vanilla and sweet spices, the smoke is present and is more subtle, such a lovely complex nose that gives more with time.

Palate : The nose carries through to the palate, a big sherry hit with the sherried fruits coming along for the ride as well, the chocolate is subtle but still present, a nice pepper hit with some honey help balance things out, after a bit of time to breath I get some baked apples and pears with some soft subtle smoke.

Finish: This is long with a nice drying spice, the sherried fruits are highlighted with the subtle smoke. Definitely one to savour.

Well what can I say about this expression it’s quality with out any doubt, having just won double gold at the San Francisco spirit awards people with a lot more experience than me believe so to.
The extra strength in alcohol changes it completely, the smoke is a lot more subdued and the sherry influence is showcased a lot more. I feel it makes it a more complex malt and takes what is already a quality malt and steps it up a gear, I would recommend this to anyone.


This is another great malt from Benromach keeping up the tradition for quality products, making the rest of the range a must try for me so on to the next one.


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