Benromach 10yr old 43% abv

I was introduced to the to Benromach about 2 years ago, while on a trip visiting family in Scotland. It was on my way home I decided to call in at Royal Mile Whiskies in Edinburgh, I wanted to do a bit of last minute shopping. Whilst doing this I ended up talking to a representative of G&M, who after a little chat about what I was looking for and what I liked in regards to whisky offered me a sample of the 10yr old Benromach. Now the representative had such a genuine passion and belief in what he was doing, it left me feeling very confident about leaving with my intended purchase and a bottle of the 10yr old Benromach as well.


Nose: The first note to hit is the soft smoke, then comes the subtle sherried fruits raisins etc, I get note of chocolate and a faint vanilla hit and some hints of pineapple, after a while I started to get to get a touch of dry roasted peanuts with a bit of a pepper note.

Palate: The soft smoke is there from the start, along with a little bit of oak and pepper, the sherry is a little bit more on the dry side, some rasins and green apples with a faint hint of cherrys and raspberrys, I also get a underlying sweet syrup note that helps balances the dram.

FInish: The finish is not to long with the fruity sherry note and a little pepper kick being present, it’s the subtle soft smoke that has the greatest impact, it doesn’t overpower the drink at any point but it most definitely enhances the experience.

when I purchased this bottle, there where a few people who shall remain unnamed that thought I’d been wowed by some fancy packaging and a bit of sales talk. I can say that those people have most definitely changed their minds, this has become a family favourite and the sons single malt of choice.
Yes I will admit that the packageing is one of the things I like about it, very modern and stylish but its what’s inside that does it. This is a dram that doesn’t shout I’m amazing, what it does is just quietly say I’m quality and lets the contents of the bottle do the talking. Like my dad said to me “this is more like the whisky I used to drink when I was a young”, I take that as a great complement for what I belive is a quality single malt and one I would highy recommend.


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