Compass Box Spice Tree 46% abv

I suppose that just about everyone has heard of Compass Box Whisky right now and for good reason, they produce some of the finest bottles of whisky I’ve tried. Now I had personally not heard of them a couple years ago and only came across them after reading an article in The Whisky Magazine that had been bought for me.
After reading that article I was intrigued by what they were tyring to achive and also the passion and commitment to quality they had. The idea that a blended whisky could be as good as or even better than a single malt, well it went against everything I had been raised with. Then you add to this that they had produced a whisky that was banned by the SWA for putting new extra oak staves in the cask to help with maturation, well that was it I had try something from them.
So on my next trip to a specialist whisky shop I bought myself a bottle, it was a close call between Flaming heart 4th edtion and the bottle of Spice Tree I ended up buying. This was mostly down to curiosity on my behalf, I just wanted to see what was so different about it that the SWA had banned the original version.image

Nose: The first note to hit me was a cinnamon and liquorice hint, then comes a fruit note a mixture of red apples and raisins. I also got a sweet treacle toffee note, throughout I get a faint herbal/mint note and towards the end comes a subtle hint of wild flowers.

Taste: The spice is the first thing to hit so nice and sweet, some hints of liquorice root come through. I also got Brazil nut and raisins soaked in rum, oak was present all the way through but not over powering. I also get a rich marmalade taste with a some more of that sweet spice to balance it all.

Finish: The finish is long with that big spice staying all the way to the end, so balanced and very moreish.

Well all I can say is that this is a big drink, not over powering but bold and enjoyable. From the moment you open the bottle and pour that first dram, you can’t help but notice the attention to quality and detail that has been lavished on this whisky.
This is a drink that can be enjoyed in just about any occasion, from that quiet moment of relaxation to the party with friends.
As the first expression I tried from Compass Box and of such a quality, it made it an easy decision to try other expressions from them. The attention to detail and quality has been of the highest standard throughout everyone that I’ve tried, something I see as a sign of a great company.
So for me this has to be one of the bottles that is in my top 10, my latest bottle is almost gone so it’s time for the shopping trip again.


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