Buffalo Trace Bourbon 40% abv

So it’s been a fair few weeks since I last put a post up, with a my main job getting very busy and having to work a fair few extra hours. Combine that with a cough and cold that ended with a course of antibiotics (no whisky for over a week), has left me with a bit of a back log to work through.

So to get me back into the blog and make a bit of much needed space on the shelf, I decided to finish of my bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon and do a review. I have had the bottle for a while now, it was one that I picked after a recommendation from a friend.

I had not tried many bourbons at this point and was very interested in how different it would be, would it be similar to the more readily available brands I had already tried or would it be completely different.image

Nose: The first thing to hit me was a sweet cinnamon note, I also got hints of vanilla and orange citrus note, after a little while a faint soft mint undertone appears with what I can only describe as soft leather smell.

Palate: Sweet brown sugar with a caramel hint is the first thing to hit me, then comes some toffee apple with a soft baked banana accompaniment, some soft spice with the Oak coming through, there is a gentle menthol undertone to whole drink.

Finish: The finish is smooth and quite long with a soft drying spice.

Well my friends recommendation was a great choice and one I would recommend myself, the Buffalo Trace distillery has become a favourite of mine. Having tried a fair few bourbons now, I think anyone would be hard pushed to find a something as good as this around the same price point (being available at around the £20 mark in most UK supermarkets). This is a great drink to enjoy with friends and in my opinion would be the ideal introduction to bourbon, maybe leading on to trying some more of the great bourbon/whiskies that are coming out of the US.



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